P27SL 0.27-Caliber Plastic, 10-Shot Strip Loads


Simpson Strong-Tie® P27SL .27-caliber single-shot loads are compatible with all Simpson Strong-Tie .27-caliber tools and other common .27-caliber tools. Available in level 2-6, bulk in level 3-5.

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Compatible Tools:

  • Simpson Strong-Tie: PTP-27L, PTP-27MAGR,PTP-27S,PTP-27SMAGR,PT-27


  • Others: DX-350, DX-351,DX-36, DX-A40 (except PT27SL2), DX-A41 (except PT27SL2 and PT27SL3), DX-460,DX-450, DX-451, DX-460,System 1H, P-36B, A-40B, A-41B, Cobra and most 0.27-caliber clone tools



Weight 1.0 lbs
Model No.

P27SL3, P27SL4, P27SL5