FLEX VCE33 Safety Vacuum Cleaner


  • Adapter plate can be installed without using tools.
  • The high-performance turbine ensures both a high suction capacity and a high vacuum. The outcome is an excellent extraction result.
  • Continuous automatic at lter cleaning ensures no loss of suction.
  • The at-fold lter with Te on coating/nanocoating allows optimum use of the tank volume.
  • Permanent socket and electronic automatic on/o switch.
  • The flow rate control via the rotary switch minimizes possible vacuums on the surface during intermediate and nish sanding.
  • Suitable for wet vacuming with electronic liquid level control.
  • Soft start stops any voltage peaks at the start and the run-o feature (15 sec overrun) empties any remaining dust in the vacuum hose.
  • Double-walled sturdy container with ingrated grip recess for emptying the container easily.
  • Dust-protected antistatic nish prevents electric charging of the suction hose.
  • Equipped with large wheel and two swivel guide rollers made of metal.
  • Separate motor air cooling duct with coarse dirt lter. Protects the turbine against the ingress of ambient air and thereby extends the service life.
  • Simple filter change without removing the suction head.