Miller by Honeywell 650CN-BDP/UGN Construction Harness, Universal, Green



Webbing: 1 ¾” Polyester Elastic Keepers: Polyester, Nylon, Lycra Thread: 6 cord bonded 3 strand polyester thread. Minimum tensile of 42 lbs D-ring: Clear Chromate Finished Carbon Steel Hardware: Steel Grommets: Brass Labels: Valeron Label Pack: Evoprene, Nylon *All hardware meets ASTM (50) fifty-hour salt spray test requirements.


Max. Working Load: 400 lbs (181kg) Webbing Min.Tensile: 5,000 lbs (22kN) D-ring Min. Tensile: 5,000 lbs (22kN) Buckle Min. Tensile: 4,000 lbs (18kN)


Meets OSHA 1910.66, 1926.502 (d), ANSI A10.32, Z359-2007 and CSA Z259.10-06 specifications.


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