The Importance of PPE Designed Specifically for Women

As the number of women working in construction, welding, manufacturing, and industrial trades continues to grow, the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) that is designed specifically for women is also growing. Women should no longer have to wear PPE that is designed for men’s bodies. Some benefits of PPE specifically designed for women includes:  […]

SSU Celebrates Women in Construction 2020!

Safety Supplies Unlimited, LLC (SSU) has been a leading provider in both safety equipment, supplies and fire extinguishers, and their Bayonne, NJ location houses a branch of TSC Training Academy, a leading NYC DOB training provider.  However, did you know that SSU, a NY/NJ Port Authority approved Women Business Enterprise company, is managed by a […]

The Importance of Respirators on the Jobsite

Respirators are important for keeping both workers safe on the job and for general safety. A respirator prevents the inhalation of harmful particles such as dust, silica and airborne pathogens that may be present on construction sites. Why is a Respirator Needed?  Respirators are necessary on jobsites where dangerous particles or chemicals are present. Respirators […]

Local Law 196 is Here: What do my workers need?

Now that Local Law 196 is here, there are some things you should keep in mind to make sure you are in compliance to avoid fines and penalties.  Important Training Reminders for Workers As of December 1, 2019, workers must have 30 hours of site safety training along with acceptable proof of training. This can […]

Important Training Requirements and Dates for Local Law 196

Local Law 196 requires workers on New York City jobsites with a Site Safety Plan to have 30 hours of site safety training by December 1, 2019. Superintendents on these jobsites are required to have 62 hours of site safety training by December 1, 2019.  Training Requirements for Workers Workers on NYC jobsites need to […]

Wearing Hard Hats to Prevent Concussions

On September 20, 2019 the Brain Injury Awareness Association of America is recognizing Concussion Awareness Day. It is important to be aware of concussions, signs of a concussion, and how to prevent them. If you think you may have a concussion, you should seek medical treatment.  Concussion Signs and Symptoms If you injure your head, […]