Safety-Services Training

Construction Safety Services in New York & New Jersey

We take safety seriously.

People’s lives are at stake, and no one wants an accident on a job site. Having the right equipment and training your workers how to use it safely can go a long way to keeping them protected from injury. You want to send them home safe every day. Our safety services are designed to do just that. Safety Supplies Unlimited provides construction safety services to customers in NY & NJ. Our services include jobsite tools audits, fire extinguisher services, first aid kit inspections, safety training and much more!

Planning ahead with an experienced partner.

When you are planning a new job, you need to plan ahead to get the right safety gear and training. Our experienced team will work with you in the pre-planning stage to choose your equipment and design the fire protection system you use to keep your site safe and compliant. Learn more about us

Stay compliant with OSHA fire safety training.

There are several resources dedicated to educating the workforce about safe work practices when it comes to fire protection and prevention. With OSHA being the most comprehensive, local and regional jurisdictions may have additional requirements. SSU works with our clients to help ensure these rules are addressed and provides the resources, construction safety training, fire protection and suppression equipment necessary to maintain safe construction sites. Send your workers home safe.

SSU’s Safety Services

Safety Products

You want safety gear as tough as your workers. We are a construction safety equipment supplier that finds industrial strength safety supplies that work hard for you from band-aids to work apparel. Shop our online store

Jobsite Tools Audit

We can send a tool expert to your site at no additional charge to provide samples of the tools you need and prepare your order same day.

Jobsite Equipment Assessments

If your site requires an assessment for fall protection products, fire extinguishers, job site tools or AED/first aid supplies, we will send someone to the site AT NO FEE, as long as you commit to purchasing from SSU.

Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service

SSU is licensed to service and install portable fire extinguishers in both New York and New Jersey out of its main office in Bayonne, NJ. We are experts in fire extinguisher and fire suppression sales and service. Learn more about fire extinguisher sales and service.

First Aid Kit Inspections and Replenishment

SSU can perform monthly & yearly inspections of First Aid Kits to ensure you have all the necessary first aid medical products onsite and replenish materials as needed. Be ready! Shop for first aid products

Kitchen Hood Inspections and Installations

For all businesses in the NJ and Middletown area, SSU performs monthly and yearly hood suppression inspections and repairs. Learn more about fire hood suppression systems.

Concrete Hole Cover Solutions

Fire Rated Hole Covers seal core and penetration holes in multi-story buildings, both during construction and post-construction. It’s faster, less intrusive, easier to use, and less expensive than traditional methods. This product avoids fire from spreading from one floor to another in a building.

Rental Program

We offer safety equipment rentals for traffic barricades, gas/air monitors, sound meters, fire extinguishers and extinguisher stands. You can contact us directly to inquire about pricing for daily, weekly and monthly rates. Call 201-436-4200

Product Specific Training

SSU technicians are trained to perform CPR/First Aid Training on specific AED Units as well as onsite product training for fall protection, fire extinguishers, jobsite tools and other safety products.

Gift Cards

Say thank you to a friend, coworker or family member with a gift card. Gift card max is $1,000. Anyone can use the gift card over the phone or in person for safety supply transactions. To purchase a gift card, just call the office and speak to any representative.

Custom Printing

We can print your company logo on:
  • Hard Hats
  • Signs
  • Warning/Caution Tapes
  • First Aid Kits
  • Safety Glasses
  • High Vis Clothing including tee shirts, vests, and jackets.
  • Raingear

SSU also offers:

  • E-Lighting Services
  • Carbon Monoxide Sales & Inspection
  • Emergency Exit Lights & Exit Signs
  • Concrete Fire Stopping Sales & Installation
  • Construction site safety signage

We are dedicated to providing you with the best safety services from safety training to kitchen hood inspections. Contact us today to learn more.

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