New FDNY Rule for Fire-Extinguisher tags

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Investigation Of Fraudulent Activity Prompts Change In Fire Code for Portable Fire Extinguishers and Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems

New Regulation of Proof of Compliance

The NYC Fire Code (3 RCNY Section 115-02) requires the periodic inspection and servicing of portable fire extinguishers and commercial cooking exhaust systems. A rash of unscrupulous companies providing bogus services led to fires and significant injuries and loss of property.

These senseless and preventable fires triggered a change in the NYC Fire Code. The new code calls for the use of only approved companies to provide the sales and services of portable fire extinguishers and the cleaning and servicing of commercial cooking exhaust systems. To prevent fraud and as an added measure of proof of compliance, the approved companies will use specifically numbered tags and decals issued by the FDNY.

Only companies that meet the NYC licensing standards are eligible to purchase the Fire Department issued decals and tags, and only FDNY – issued decals and tags will be acceptable proof of the inspection, cleaning and/or servicing. The decals and tags will be designed with various security measures to prevent counterfeiting.

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How does this affect you?

All fire extinguishers must have new FDNY issued tags provided by an authorized provider such as Safety Supplies Unlimited.

The law goes into effect on June 1st and companies must comply with this new regulation by October 1st, 2018. All new fire extinguisher equipment purchased after October 1st, 2018 will require new FDNY issued tags.

Why Now?

NYC Department of Investigations (DOI) discovered several Portable Fire Extinguisher (PFE)/Commercial Cleaning companies attaching an inspection tag/decal bearing the name of another company, jeopardizing the other company’s business reputation.

NYC DOI ordered new program of Portable Fire Extinguisher (PFE) tags and Commercial Cooking Exhaust (range hood) cleaning decals. Improper practices have led to fires, loss of property and injuries.

How can SSU help you?

SSU is an FDNY authorized provider of fire extinguishers in NY and NJ. We can inspect and retag your extinguishers for FDNY compliance.  RFQ today!

Our company will assist you to comply with this new regulation. SSU will replace all tags for current clients or new clients AT NO ADDITIONAL FEE as long as your company commits to hiring SSU for fire extinguisher service and inspections (to be approved on a case by case basis).

Our certified Technicians will be available to swap out old tags with new tags on your site. We require 24-hour notice. SSU will ensure that your job remains safe with the right fire safety equipment and with proper tags, inspections, and repairs.

Avoid penalty and fees today by complying with Local Law 196!

About SSU

Safety Supplies Unlimited is your preferred licensed dealer for fire extinguishers. We sell, service, install,  and inspect fire extinguishers. We also will replace your fire extinguisher tags to remain in compliance. To learn more about our fire safety equipment and services, click here.

SSU offers retagging for free to all clients with a commitment to selecting SSU to provide your service and annual inspections needs. To schedule a service call, email us at

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