Life Safety Maintenance Reminders for New York City Buildings

It is important to always be prepared in case of an emergency. In order to keep your employees safe on the job, you need to maintain your fire extinguishers and first aid kits. It can be easy to overlook the maintenance of first aid supplies and fire extinguishers but neglecting them may lead to serious injuries that could have been easily prevented.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Fire extinguishers play an important role in the life safety of your building. Extinguishers have the ability to put out small fires before they grow large, which can save lives and prevent the loss of property. Your fire extinguishers require maintenance in order to ensure they will be ready to use when a fire occurs. Here are some maintenance tasks that need to be done for fire extinguishers:

  • Monthly and/or annual inspections
  • Tagging of fire extinguishers by an FDNY authorized provider
  • Recharging
  • 6 year maintenance
  • Low Pressure/High Pressure Hydro Testing
  • 12 Year Maintenance

In NYC, fire extinguisher sales and service can only be performed by an FDNY authorized provider.

First Aid Kit Refills and Inspections

For the health and safety of your employees, it is imperative that you keep your first aid supplies fully stocked at all times. In order to keep your supplies stocked and meet OSHA first aid requirements, there are some tasks that need to be completed:

  • Throw away and replace expired items
  • Refill items that are running low monthly or as needed
  • Make sure your kit is stocked with the supplies for the types of injuries that your workplace may face
  • Make sure that your first aid kit is easily accessible

Hiring a third-party service for first aid kit inspections and refills can help take the burden of first aid kit maintenance off of your shoulders and help to ensure that your kits are always fully stocked.

SSU Provides Maintenance for First Aid Kits & Fire Extinguishers

Safety Supplies Unlimited is certified and authorized to provide fire extinguisher maintenance to businesses and workplaces in NYC and NJ. We can perform inspections of your extinguishers monthly or yearly. Our technicians can also provide repairs for extinguishers as well as the installation of new ones. SSU also offers first aid kit refill services to ensure that your first aid supplies are fully stocked. It is our goal to help make your building a safer place. Contact us today to learn more about our services.