The Importance of PPE Designed Specifically for Women

As the number of women working in construction, welding, manufacturing, and industrial trades continues to grow, the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) that is designed specifically for women is also growing. Women should no longer have to wear PPE that is designed for men’s bodies. Some benefits of PPE specifically designed for women includes: 

Better Fit

When women wear men’s PPE, it often ends up being ill-fitting, bulky, and sometimes even clownish looking. Women’s PPE is designed to fit a women’s body. Jackets designed for men are longer than women’s and have much broader shoulders. Women’s jackets have a waist cut design that is higher and have more space in the chest area. Gloves designed for women often have narrower and shorter fingers compared to men’s gloves.

More Comfortable

When clothes fit better, they are typically more comfortable to wear. Comfort is extremely important especially when you are going to be wearing your PPE for the entire workday. In addition, clothes with a better fit can also improve confidence while on the job. 

Improves Safety

The primary reason for wearing PPE is to improve safety and prevent injuries on the job. So why should women have to wear PPE that can be detrimental to their safety? When women wear men’s PPE that doesn’t fit their body, it can be unsafe. Oversized, bulky clothing with excess material can get caught in machinery and cause injuries. Gloves that are too large can interfere with dexterity and increase clumsiness, leading an increased likelihood of accidents. 

Increases Likelihood of Wearing PPE

It is important that workers always wear the proper PPE. However, women are less likely to wear their PPE if it doesn’t fit them correctly. PPE that is designed for women’s body types fit much better and is much more comfortable to wear which leads to an increased likelihood that women will wear the proper safety gear while on the job.  

Safety Supplies Unlimited Has Women’s PPE 

At SSU, we carry women’s PPE that many safety suppliers do not offer. Some of the PPE that we have for women include:

  • Safety vests
  • Safety glasses
  • Jackets

Check out our selection of women’s PPE online or visit one of our store locations today!