Winter Work Apparel Checklist

Working in construction in New York City during the winter often requires you to spend many hours in freezing temperatures. It is important that you dress appropriately through the cold winter months to keep yourself comfortable and avoid hypothermia, frost bite and other cold related health concerns. Stay warm, safe and healthy this winter with this cold weather apparel checklist.

1. Jacket

Choosing the right jacket is extremely important for staying warm on the job. High visibility jackets can help you stay both warm and visible while at work. For the particularly cold days, a heated jacket may be your best option.

2. Hat

Wearing a hat can make a big difference in keeping you warm during cold winter days. A high visibility beanie is a good option for head warmth. If you need extra insulation, a full-face mask may help for extra cold or windy days.

3. Gloves

You will want to choose gloves that are both functional on the job and good at preventing frostbite in your fingers. It is important to find a pair of gloves that allow finger dexterity, keep your hands warm and protect from jobsite hazards.

4. Water-Resistant Boots

When working in the winter in NYC, you could come across snow, slush, and ice. It is important to wear work boots that are water resistant because if your feet get wet, they could be at greater risk of frostbite.

5. Thermal Undergarments

One of the most effective ways to stay warm is to layer up. Wearing thermal undergarments with thick warm pants and a warm jacket is a good way to beat the cold. This base layer of clothing should be sweat wicking and close fitting to the body.

6. Hand and Feet Warmers

For extra warmth on cold days, consider wearing hand and feet warmers. Since your hands and feet are often the first parts of your body to feel cold, putting warmers in your socks or gloves can improve your comfort.

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