SSU Celebrates Women in Construction 2020!

Safety Supplies Unlimited, LLC (SSU) has been a leading provider in both safety equipment, supplies and fire extinguishers, and their Bayonne, NJ location houses a branch of TSC Training Academy, a leading NYC DOB training provider.  However, did you know that SSU, a NY/NJ Port Authority approved Women Business Enterprise company, is managed by a woman and the majority of the staff are women?  This is significant as March 1st-7th, 2020  is Women in Construction (WIC) Week, a campaign aimed at raising awareness of the opportunities available for women in the construction industry and to emphasize the growing role of women in the industry. March is also Women’s History Month which is dedicated to celebrating women’s achievements and successes throughout history.   This blog highlights how women play a key role within SSU, and how we envision women to play a greater role in the construction industry in the future.

Powerful Women at the Helm

As the construction industry continues to grow, women have showed greater interest in the field, with more and more women joining the workforce both on and off the construction jobsites. Saeideh Paredes, General Manager, Safety Supplies Unlimited leads its day-to-day operations.  Saeideh’s experience in the industry begins at TSC Training Academy, where she worked through the ranks to becoming SSU’s General Manager.  Working with our clients, Saeideh and her team ensures that each site we work with is equipped with the PPE required for their workers.  She also leads TSC Training Academy’s New Jersey office, where classes are scheduled and held based on NYC Department of Building requirements.  Saeideh has credited Liz Bifulco, Managing Member of Total Safety Consulting, LLC, the parent company of SSU, with setting a positive example for women in construction, ensuring that successful leadership within a male-dominated field doesn’t have to necessarily come from a male leader.  Saeideh’s industry knowledge and technical expertise has proven that she and all women in the construction industry can continue to grow and achieve great success in the industry.

Girl Power! — The SSU Core Team

SSU’s core values are carried with the individuals that make the company what we are. Under Saeideh’s leadership, we have a knowledgeable team that understand what our client needs are and work with them to fulfill it..  For WIC week and Women in History Month, are showcasing the women of SSU.  

Grace – Grace is our main front-end team member, assisting any client with questions on equipment and training, as well as the go-to person for calls and inventory needs. 

Monique – Monique works on business development and works directly with Saeideh on new business initiatives, to engage new clients and maintain relationships with existing clients.

Stephanie B. – Stephanie works in finance and is also responsible for client’s service and inspection appointments.  She makes sure clients receive the service they need in a timely manner.

Aleli – Aleli handles TSC Training Academy’s NJ location to oversee training registrations and scheduling as well as ensuring class materials and technical equipment are in order so that instructors and students have what they need to succeed. 

Natasha and Stephenie R. manage our satellite store locations, taking care of everything from inventory, to client relations, to sales at our TSC Training Academy store locations in LIC and The Bronx, responsively.  

Marie – Marie work in our Middletown location and is responsible for accounts payable and receivable and also assists with scheduling of our service and inspection appointments.

We are proud to be a leading disruptor in the industry, serving as an avenue for women to not only enter the industry, but to grow and succeed from it as well.

SSU is Ceading the Charge for Women in Construction

At SSU we understand the growing needs of the industry as it continues to evolve for the next generation of leaders.  With more women entering the field, PPE designers are creating new equipment that fits women, as well as new initiatives to invite women to join the industry. Despite being a male-dominated field, the construction industry wants to ensure women looking into the profession that it is a viable career path, open with plentiful opportunities to grow and succeed. We at TSC and SSU wish to empower women through serving as an example of success in the construction industry.  At SSU, women are the leaders, the decision-makers, and the day-to-day operators in ensuring our clients receive the best possible products and services.

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