Improve Kitchen Safety with a Hood Suppression System

Preparing food requires heat and where there is heat, there is a risk of a fire. Commercial kitchens often need a fire suppression system to help put out a fire that occurs while cooking. Kitchen hood suppression systems are an effective way to protect a kitchen from a fire and promote life safety of the building occupants.

Kitchen Fires

Restaurants are places where fires can be common due to high heat of kitchen equipment. According to the NFPA, over 7,000 restaurant fires are reported annually. Often fires in the kitchen are grease fires which cannot be extinguished using water. Putting water on a grease fire can make the fire grow larger, so fire sprinklers are not a viable option for protecting kitchens from a fire.

How a Hood Suppression System Can Help

Installing a kitchen hood suppression system in your commercial kitchen will help protect your kitchen and the people in it from fire. When a fire is detected in the kitchen, the suppression system will release a fire suppressant and shut off the supply of gas to the cooking equipment. As the fire is extinguished, the hood will remove the smoke. Hood suppression systems are an effective form of fire protection in kitchens because they use a chemical suppressant that extinguishes grease fires.

Inspection & Testing of Kitchen Hoods

Kitchen hoods should be regularly tested and inspected so they will operate correctly in the event of a fire. It is important to have a certified technician come EVERY 6 MONTHS into your commercial kitchen to perform inspections and provide repairs as needed. A suppression system must be working properly to be able to put out a fire. Regular servicing of your system will help to keep it up to code and ready to go. The new NYC rule updates the requirements specific to portable fire extinguisher tags and commercial kitchen hood exhaust systems. To learn more about this new rule, click here.

SSU Installs Kitchen Hoods

At Safety Supplies Unlimited, we install and service kitchen hood fire suppression systems in NJ. Our hood suppression systems will improve the safety of your kitchen by putting out fires and preventing them from growing uncontrollably. Our certified hood technicians can provide semi-annual servicing of your system, along with inspection and tagging. We can replace and repair broken parts if necessary. Working with Safety Supplies Unlimited to install a kitchen hood fire suppression system will help protect your commercial kitchen against a fire and keep it up to code. SSU is dedicated to providing excellent service to our customers in New York and New Jersey. To learn more about the kitchen hood fire suppression systems from SSU, or any of or other products, contact us today!