Knowing the types and sources of fires can help you act faster!

Not all fires are the same. Different kinds of fires require different fire extinguishers. Knowing the sources of fire can help you put it out easier and can save lives faster. There are six different classes of fire and several different types of fire extinguishers.

Classes of fire

Class A : Ordinary combustibles like wood, paper, rubber. Plastic , cloth, etc. Class B: Flammable Liquids and Gases, also known as surface fire  such as gasoline, petrol, diesel, or oils. Class C: Fires involving gases. Class D: Combustible Metals such as aluminum, magnesium, sodium, titanium, etc. Class F:  Kitchen Fire Involving combustible vegetable or animal oils and fats in cooking equipment for example deep fried fryers. *Class E: Electrical fires. These type of fires technically are not classified but they are worth mentioning.

Protect your home, office or business with the right fire equipment 

Prevention is the best way to ensure your safety from any form of fire. Whether you need a few fire extinguishers for a small office, or a factory-full, there are licensed people ready to help you. Experienced technicians who know the right stuff you need to keep your commercial building, warehouse, school, restaurant, home or construction site safe in the event of a fire emergency. On-site training  can also be provided so your workers or family members know what to do even under stress. When your staff knows how to use your equipment, responding under stress is easier. SSU offers onsite fire safety training to make sure your staff knows how to use your equipment safely and accurately.

New FDNY Fire Code for Portable Fire Extinguishers and Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems

All fire extinguishers must have new FDNY issued tags provided by an authorized provider such as Safety Supplies Unlimited. The law went into effect on June 1st and companies must comply with this new regulation by October 1 st, 2018. All new fire extinguisher equipment purchased after October 1 st , 2018 will require new FDNY issued tags. SSU is a FDNY authorized provider to sell and service fire extinguishers in NY and NJ. We will obtain FDNY issued tags as soon as they become available.