SSU During National Safety Stand-Down Week 2019

Safety Supplies Unlimited is committed to site safety across New York City construction sites. Throughout last week’s OSHA National Safety Stand-Down Week, we visited sites across New York City to discuss the importance of fall prevention. Our team went over fall prevention techniques and practices, as well as demonstrating proper use of fall protection equipment and installation of fall protection devices. Overall, discussion was positive and informative, with workers taking away the importance of fall prevention to ensure their own safety.

A Day-By-Day Look at Safety Stand-Down Week

OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down was during May 6th to May 10th, with the week dedicated to the importance of fall protection. In 2017, 366 worker fatalities were due to falls, making up 38% of the 971 fatalities that occurred on construction sites. The statistics make no mistakes; falls on construction sites are the largest portion of injuries and fatalities in the industry. Throughout the week, we visited sites across New York City and Jersey City:

  • Day 1: On May 6th, we visited the sites in Manhattan with our Fire Division Supervisor, Chris O’Donnell, giving a site safety presentation to workers.
  • Day 2: On May 7th, we visited 99 Hudson Street in Jersey City, as well as 98 Front Street in Brooklyn. Our site safety supervisors, Malcolm Punch and Jimmy Owens, were on site giving safety presentations.
  • Day 3: On May 8th, we gave a site safety presentation once more in Jersey City at 75 Park Plaza South. Malcolm Punch was back on site to give a fall protection presentation.
  • Day 4: On May 9th, our site safety supervisor Denio Sturzeneker was on site at 110 Charlton Street in Manhattan giving safety presentations. Our Director of Field Operations, John Connolly, was on site in Brooklyn giving a fall protection demonstration.
  • Day 5: On May 10th, we visited 50 Bridge Park in Brooklyn, where the supervisor of TSC Med Tech, George Hauck, gave a safety presentation with Chris O’Donnell.

Each site’s presentation gave the recurring theme of fall protection and an increased emphasis on site safety. Our presence on site was not limited to site safety presentations. We distributed safety sunglasses to all the workers on site, as well as held raffles for safety supplies. The workers were glad to have participated in our stand down presentations. Visit our sister company’s Facebook page today to see our site safety presentations in action!

Our Industry Partners for Safety Stand-Down Week

The cooperation of our industry partners and general contractors allowed us to be on site during Stand-Down Week. We’d like to thank our industry partners for allowing us to give site safety presentations on sites across New York City and Jersey City:

Our industry partners ensure that safety is the priority while on site, and that it is the most important job while on the job.

OSHA’s Commitment to Safety

Throughout National Safety Stand-Down Week, OSHA was present on site, with a representative detailing the importance of the week dedicated to safety. The statements were clear and echoed with the audience of construction workers: the rate of falls in construction exemplifies the importance of awareness, laws regarding site safety, and required training to work on a construction site. Safer construction sites are important for the health of the workers, health of the surrounding area’s pedestrian traffic, and the construction industry as a whole.

SSU is a turnkey provider of construction safety supplies in New York City. Falls are the leading cause of injury and death on construction sites across the United States. It is imperative that the importance of National Safety Stand Down Week is recognized and echoed throughout the industry. While it may seem simple, the importance of fall protection is paramount to worker health and safety. SSU and OSHA aim to ensure workers go home at the end of the day to their families safe and sound.

View our gallery below to see our work during Stand-Down Week!