The Importance of Hi-Vis Clothing During Winter

During the winter, working outside at a jobsite can be tough due to cold and snowy winter conditions. It is extremely important for workers to wear the right gear so they can stay safe and warm during the winter season. 

The Benefits of High Visibility Winter Work Gear

Choosing the correct clothing is extremely important for staying safe on the job. Wearing high visibility winter gear allows workers to be seen and prevents accidents. 

  • High visibility apparel helps workers be seen during whiteout conditions where visibility is incredibly low
  • When the sun sets early during the winter, workers can be seen on the site even when the sun isn’t out
  • High-vis jackets keep workers warm in the freezing temperatures

Workers should choose to wear hi-vis jackets that are bright in color and have reflective piping allows them to stand out from their environment and helps those nearby see the worker.

Hi-Vis Winter Apparel from SSU

Safety Supplies Unlimited sells hi-vis winter clothing to keep your workers safe. Some of the high-vis winter gear we have includes: 

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