National Safety Month – Wear Proper PPE on the Jobsite

National Safety Month is officially here. Have you thought about how you are going to keep your employees safe at work? Every June, the National Safety Council sponsors National Safety Month to raise awareness about how to stay safe while at work, at home, on the road, and in the community.

One way to promote safety during National Safety Month is to make sure that your employees are wearing the proper gear while on the construction site. Safety Supplies Unlimited aims to help you keep your workers safe by providing the PPE that construction workers need.

What to Wear on a Construction Site

The personal protective equipment that a construction worker needs include:

Hard Hats

Wearing a hard hat on the jobsite can greatly reduce your risk of head injuries. The construction site has hazards such as falling objects that could cause brain injury or even death if a worker is struck. Wearing a hard hat will protect workers from objects that could hit their heads.

Safety Glasses

Workers should wear safety glasses at all times to protect from hazards that could cause eye injuries or even blindness. Wearing safety glasses or another appropriate form of eyewear can prevent debris, chemicals, or other objects from injuring your eyes.


Construction workers need to wear gloves to prevent injuries such as cuts, punctures, bruises and lacerations. Wearing the correct type of gloves can protect workers from hand injuries. Gloves are important because they protect our hands which we need to perform a majority of our everyday tasks.


Harnesses should be worn by construction site workers that are working in high places. Falling can cause serious injuries and even death. Harnesses provide people with fall protection and prevents them from getting hurt due to falling.


Steel toe protective boots must be worn by construction workers because they prevent foot injuries. Wearing the right boots can also promote safety by providing the support workers need when they stand on their feet all day.

Safety Supplies Unlimited Has the Gear You Need

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Safety Supplies Unlimited sells all the safety gear that your workers need to be safe on the job. We offer a wide variety of safety glasses, footwear, gloves, hard hats, fall protection, and more to keep your employees safe and injury free. If you are interested in safety gear from SSU, you can shop our selection online or visit one of our store locations.