Protecting Workers with PPE During Safe and Sound Week

Safe and Sound Week is a nationwide event that is recognized by OSHA and is occurring August 12-18, 2019. The goal of Safe and Sound Week is to encourage workplaces to create safety and health programs and recognize the success of these programs.

How to Participate in Safe and Sound Week

Encourage your workplace to participate in Safe and Sound Week by developing a safety and health program that will identify and manage workplace hazards. Some ways that your workplace can participate include:

  • Create a board for workers to display suggestions to find and fix hazards
  • Offer safety and health training
  • Recognize safety milestones and reward employee participation
  • Host a “Lunch and Learn” about your safety program
  • Demonstrate how to properly use safety equipment
  • Host a trivia session about safety and health practices

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Staying Safe and Sound with the Right Equipment

Preventing jobsite injuries starts with wearing the right equipment. During Safe and Sound Week, recognize the safety successes that your jobsite has experienced when workers have been wearing the correct personal protective equipment.

Workers should know which safety gear needs to be worn for them to safely perform their job. The essential pieces of a construction worker’s outfit usually include hard hats, hearing protection, eyewear, gloves, fall protection, and protective footwear.

Head Protection

Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat

Wearing the right hard hat while on the job greatly reduces your risk of head injuries. Hazards on construction sites, such as falling objects, can cause brain injury or even death if a worker is struck. Wearing a hard hat will protect workers from objects that could hit their heads.

Hearing Protection

3M™ PELTOR™ Optime™ 105 Over-the-Head Earmuffs H10A
DEWALT Bell Shape Disposable Foam Earplugs

Construction sites are loud places. When workers are exposed to loud noises for a long period of time, it can lead to hearing loss. Workers must protect their ears by wearing the right hearing protection. Southeast. Noise blocking ear plugs and earmuffs can prevent loss of hearing.

Safety Eyewear

Pyramex – Goliath Clear Lens

Wearing safety glasses or goggles at all times protects workers from hazards that could cause eye injuries or even blindness. Safety glasses or another appropriate form of eyewear can prevent debris, chemicals, or other objects from injuring your eyes.


Honeywell: Junk Yard Dog series of gloves feature DuPont™

Workers need to wear gloves to prevent injuries such as cuts, punctures, bruises and lacerations on the jobsites. Choosing the correct type of gloves can protect workers from hand injuries. Gloves are important because they protect our hands which we need to perform a majority of our everyday tasks.


Falltech Fall Protection Starter Kit

Harnesses should be worn by construction site workers that are working in high places. Falling can cause serious injuries and even death. Harnesses provide people with fall protection and prevents them from getting hurt due to falling.


Dickies Trader Steel Toe Boot
Kings by Honeywell – Tan

Steel toe protective boots must be worn by construction workers because they prevent foot injuries. Wearing the right boots can also promote safety by providing the support workers need when they stand on their feet all day.

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